Commercial Litigation

Since RTP Law’s inception, commercial litigation has been central to the firm’s mission. Whether in the courtroom, in a deposition or at the mediation table, our litigation attorneys are known for their skillful handling of matters. From negotiating or litigating small issues for clients to the coordination of complex litigation of multiple claims in North Carolina and beyond, RTP Law’s litigation attorneys bring thoughtful and practical experience to achieve desired results.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
In addition to representing our clients in the courtroom, we also represent clients in alternative dispute resolution process, such as arbitration and mediation.  Oftentimes, the parties to a given dispute have already agreed to arbitrate or mediate by contract.  Other times, the parties will, by advice of counsel, the court, or otherwise, agree to arbitration or mediation.  Arbitration and mediation can be, but is not always, a more cost-efficient way to resolve a business dispute.  Our commercial litigation attorneys will provide aggressive representation and careful advice, whether it is in court, through arbitration, or at the mediation table.

Comprehensive Representation
We work with our commercial litigation clients at every stage of their legal needs, including the initial consultation to determine what claims or defenses apply, commencement of a lawsuit, defense of claims and counterclaims, alternative dispute resolution and negotiating settlements.

Our business and commercial litigation practice also prides itself on teamwork.  We understand clients’ businesses, and work with them to achieve their goals.  Depending on the commercial litigation matter and the complexity of the legal issues litigated, we regularly coordinate with other highly experienced litigation attorneys in an effort to meet clients’ needs effectively and efficiently.   We have the ability to handle business litigation across a gamut of industries including, but not limited to, technology, textiles, electronics, transportation, consumer products, manufacturing, health care, insurance, real estate, consulting, restaurant, and agriculture.  Further, our business litigation lawyers have resources and experience in many aspects of corporate law, including corporate governance, franchising, finance, mergers and acquisitions, and regularly advice business clients on issues related to corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and professional corporations.

Affordable Commercial Litigation Fees
At RTP Law, we understand that commercial litigation can often be stressful and costly, both in time and money.  We provide reasonable hourly fee arrangements and offer flat-fee, hybrid, and contingent fee litigation services when possible.

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