Criminal Law

Being accused of a crime is serious. When this happens and you are under investigation for a criminal offense, you need to take immediate legal action by seeking the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. At RTP Law we associate with many of the top criminal defense attorneys in North Carolina.

We understand that going up against the judicial system can be a scary and stressful experience for our clients. We will remain at your side, from start to finish, to ensure you always understand your rights and options. We work tirelessly to level the playing field in the courtroom on your behalf.

Should you choose to retain RTP Law and/or our associated criminal law firm’s legal services, you can rest assured in knowing that we will leave no stone unturned in search of the strongest defense strategy available to you. We will work relentlessly to help you obtain the most positive result possible, whether it is a reduction of charges, an acquittal, or a dismissal.

We can assist in the defense of the following kinds of charges:


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